Happiness Upgrade Podcast

S1 E1: Boost joy by gazing at nature

March 14, 2022 Gabrielle Lichterman Season 1 Episode 1
Happiness Upgrade Podcast
S1 E1: Boost joy by gazing at nature
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Giving yourself a Happiness Upgrade is as easy as looking at nature. Find out the science behind how it works, plus how to use to this tip if nature isn’t nearby.

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Happiness Upgrade Podcast: Season 1, Episode 1

Welcome to The Happiness Upgrade Podcast. I’m your host, Gabrielle Lichterman.

Want an easy way to get a joy-boosting Happiness Upgrade right now? Take a look at nature!

Gazing at birds, flowers, trees, squirrels, a pond or any other parts of nature increases vitality and positivity within moments. This effect occurs whether you admire a real-life nature scene (for instance, outside your window or while you’re on a walk) or when you look at an image (say, a picture on your phone or a documentary on TV). That’s the conclusion of numerous studies, including a 2010 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology and research conducted by the Real Happiness Project for the BBC.

So, why does looking at nature boost your mood?

Researchers theorize that humans evolved to feel happy and at peace when viewing nature because it probably meant basic necessities (such as food, water and shelter) were nearby. 

Plus, the wonder and beauty of nature distract you from worries, which reduces stress. 

On top of that, nature reminds you that you’re part of something much larger, which can give your life more meaning.

How can you incorporate this mood-boosting tip into your life this week? Here are some suggestions: 

Change your computer or phone wallpaper to a nature scene. 

Hang a bird feeder or place a bird bath outside your window to attract robins, finches or other birdlife.

Switch an item that you use every day (such as a coffee mug) to one that is adorned with an image of an animal, mountain scene or other natural element.

Search online for pictures of beaches, forests, waterfalls or other outdoor settings.

Place a live potted plant where you can see it.

Put fresh-cut flowers in a vase. 

Or simply step outside and enjoy the trees, bushes, flowers and plants around you.

Thank you for joining me on The Happiness Upgrade Podcast. I hope you use the mood-boosting tip shared this week to give yourself a Happiness Upgrade. 

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I hope your week is filled with happiness!